Configure Your Server (Windows 300)




Your selected server supports up to 512GB of Memory (RAM).


Select up to eight storage drives (HDD or SSD).


Two or more storage drives can be configured with either hardware or software RAID or left as normal standalone drives.

RAID Level


Operating System

Linux servers are available here (opens in new window).

Control Panel

Additional Software

Hostname (optional)

If you would like to specify a hostname for your server, please enter it below (eg.


IP Addresses

Additional IP addresses may be requested at any time.

Bandwidth/Data Transfer

Unless otherwise stated your server will be provisioned with a 1Gb/s port.

DDOS Protection

Our inhouse attack scrubbing centre uses Corero devices to provide upto 150Gb/s DDoS protection to your server



A description of our firewall options can be found here (opens in new window).


Further information about our management options can be found here (opens in new window).


Read more about the types of server monitoring available here (opens in new window).

Backup Type

View our backup options here (opens in new window).

Backup Storage

Required if you select CDP or FTP Backup Type above.

Additional Notes or Partitioning Requests

Intended Server Use

We do not permit our servers to be used for mining or cryptocurrency.

Payment Details

How would you like to pay for the server? If you pay for 6 Months you will receive a 4% discount, or select Yearly for an 8% discount.

Promotion Code