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Flexible Midlands Colocation offering Secure, Reliable and Scalable Solutions

Power - The site is served by 3.3MW diverse 11kV electrical supplies and is backed by 4MW (2N+1) of diesel generators for off-grid backup power. Racks at the site benefit from 2N+1 power provision with STS backed distribution boards giving power redundancy even for single corded equipment.

Racks within Continuity House benefit from 100% network and power uptime with access to multiple onsite carriers, up to 100Gb/s ports for IP connectivity, BGP transit and MPLS cross-connect services. This will include ½, ¼ and ⅛ racks with the same ultra high availability of power and connectivity.  All of our existing and new clients will benefit from a state-of-the-art energy efficient chilled water based cooling system which operates as a closed circuit ensuring no outside air is bought into the server environment whilst also working to ensure the site delivers a low PuE (Power Usage Efficiency) ratio.

Security - The site is secured with 24/7/365 onsite staff, CCTV and roaming security patrols. All areas of Continuity House are access controlled by Paxton system secure entry systems with an anti-tailgating airlock pod for facility access.  Both VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus) and IG55 Gas Fire Suppression work in tandem to ensure early detection and extinguishant.

Connectivity - Our site is served by multiple carriers including BT, KCOM, Virgin Media and Level 3 all of whom are able to offer 10Gb/s connections onsite. In addition to this we are able to offer our own high speed blend of IP transit onsite our upstream carriers include NTT, Level 3 as well as various peering agreements in place at the London Internet Exchange (LINX). You can read more about our network here.

UK Servers Continuity House datacentre in Coventry opened in December 2022 with the site having been built from the ground up to Tier III/Tier IV design standards to ensure ultra-high availability of power, cooling and network services to clients.   The full specification of the site is as follows:

  • 20,000 sqft site with Initial Provision of 300 Racks with expansion available to 600 onsite
  • 2N+1 Redundant UPS Systems
  • 3MW Onsite Power from diverse 11kv electrical supply
  • 4MW 2N+1 Diesel Generator Backup Power
  • Latest Energy Efficient Closed Circuit Cooling (No Outside Air bought into Building)
  • IG55 Gas Fire Suppresion
  • VESDA Very Early Smoke Detection System
  • 24/7/365 Onsite Staffing
  • All areas of datacentre access controlled by Paxton system with anti tailgating airlock pod facility access
  • Secure Parking Area
  • Full site CCTV coverage with roaming security patrols
  • Multiple onsite carriers, 1Gb/10Gb and 100Gb ports available for IP connectivity, BGP transit and MPLS cross connect services available

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