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We provide various levels of monitoring both with our dedicated server and co-location offerings. All services by default are supplied with our basic level one monitoring which allows for ping monitoring/one basic service monitor.

The highest level of monitoring is our ultimate pro-active monitoring in which UK Servers sets up monitoring of all services on your server aswell as graphing resource usage for you.  As this is a pro-active monitoring both UK Servers and the customer receives notifications of downed services and in the event of a change of state of service UK Servers NOC will carry out a pre determined escalation/remedial action on behalf of the customer.

Customers are able to upgrade/downgrade their level of monitoring at any point of their rental.


Standard Monitoring   Advanced Monitoring   Pro-Active Monitoring  

Standard Monitoring  

Standard Monitoring

Basic single service/ping monitoring

This is the most basic level of monitoring that we provide, customers can setup ping and monitoring of one service (e.g http/mysql/IMAP) via our control panel.  Customers can opt to receive alerts in change of state by both email and SMS.

Advanced Monitoring  

Advanced Monitoring

Multiple service/ping monitoring

Our Advanced Monitoring service allows for monitoring via our control panel of upto ten services on any custom defined port.  Customers can opt to recieve email and/or SMS alerts for the services they opt to monitor.

Pro-Active Monitoring  

Pro-Active Monitoring

Enterprise level server and service monitoring

Our pro-active monitoring provides the utmost in server statistics and analysis, by deployment of a SNMP monitoring agent on your server we constantly check and graph CPU, disk usage, memory and just about anything you could want to monitor! You are given full access to these graphs and can also setup email and SMS alerts for monitoring services on their server.

With our pro-active monitoring service our engineers will take appropriate action on receiving a downed alert from your server within a guaranteed ten minute timeframe. This is a pre-defined action specified within your control panel or recommended by UK Servers technicians and can involve anything from a simple status check on your server to actioning a full server reboot.

More Information about Server Monitoring

If you would like more information about our server monitoring services then simply request a quote online or give us a call on 0800 610 1 620 for more information.

Included In Each Package

Standard Advanced Pro-Active
Ping Monitoring 1 Monitor 10 Monitors Unlimited
Service Monitoring 1 Monitor 10 Monitors Unlimited
Bandwidth Graphs
Email Alerts
SMS Alerts
Resource Monitoring
RAID Monitoring
UK Servers Actioned Response
Included £2.50/Month £19.00/Month
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