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UK Servers Network Information

UK Servers operates its own high speed MPLS enabled network spanning multiple UK datacentres, designed for redundancy, speed and security. All of our UK sites have multiple failover routes to the internet with all intersite connections at a minimum of 10Gb/s.

We utilise the latest Juniper MX routers at the edge of our network directly connected to Juniper EX series virtual chassis switches at the core with the entire network being dual IPv4/IPv6 stacked..

We have multiple 10Gb/s uplinks to our tier one transit providers which include: Level 3 and NTT. Additionally we peer at LONAP (London Access Point) and LINX (London Internet Exchange) with service providers including BT, Virgin Media, Claranet, Janet and more.

Level 3 Network Map
NTT Network Map
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Transit Providers



Level 3 (AS3356) is the world’s largest tier 1 network offering a portfolio of metro and long-haul services, including transport, data, Internet, content delivery and voice. Level 3 is the primary provider of Internet connectivity for millions of broadband subscribers through its cable and DSL partners. Level 3 providers UK Servers with low latency, metro, regional and transatlantic solutions.

  • One of the largest providers of services to ISPs in North America
  • Traffic Levels of 3Tbps+
  • Founded in 1985, over 11,000 employees

NTT Logo


NTT (AS2914) is a Tier 1 network operator with a strong presence in both Asia and the USA. UK Servers opted for NTT networks as an obvious choice to compliment Level 3 due to their low latency transatlantic and Asian connectivity.

  • Direct connectivity to major ISPs in US, Japan and Europe
  • 660Gb/s between Japan and U.S and 135Gb/s bandwidth between Europe and Japan
  • Stable IP backbone based on a single AS network with SLAs through an integrated policy.


The London Internet Exchange is one of the three largest public peering exchanges that have members from over 70 countries with over 20.8Tb/sec of connected capacity. LINX offer two LANs for redundancy with primary being Juniper based and the secondary, Extreme Networks.

  • 770 members
  • 20.803 Tb of connected capacity
  • over 3.81 Tb/sec of peak traffic
  • 76 member countries