Configure Your Server (Linux 300)

Hardware Options



Hard Disk(s)

The hard drives in our servers can be optionally configured with either hardware or software RAID or just as standalone disks. Our Dedicated 300 servers support upto eight hard drives, please contact us to discuss disk options not listed.

RAID Configuration (Min 2 Drives Required)

If you have chosen more than one disk you can select optional software or hardware RAID below. You also have the option of selecting a battery backed write cache when opting for an LSI RAID card.

Network Options

Server Hostname

If you would like us to use a specific hostname for your server, please enter it below.

IP Allocation

Please select how many IPs you require below. Additional IPs may be added at anytime subject to the rates outlined below.


Dedicated 300 servers are provisioned on 1000Mbit ports and are subject to the following monthly data transfer restrictions. Bandwidth overages are charged at a rate of 0.01 GBP per Gb.

Port Speed

Hardware Firewall

You can read more about the different options here. (Opens in new window).

Select your software

Operating System

Control Panel

Additional Extras


We provide various levels of server monitoring with our dedicated server offerings. You can read more about the different types of monitoring available here. (Opens in new window).

Backup Storage Size

Backup Storage Type

If you use our offsite backup storage you can configure your own backups or purchase a license for our CDP/snapshot backup software. Read more about our backup options here (Opens in new window).

Server Management

We provide various levels of service management with our dedicated server offerings. You can read more about the different types of management offered here. (Opens in new window).

Partitioning / Additional Notes

Payment Details

How would you like to pay for the server? If you pay for 6 months you get 1 month free, if you pay for 12 months you get 2 months free.

Promotion Code

Please enter a promotion code if you have one