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About Cellulant

Cellulant is a mobile commerce and content company that manages, delivers and bills digital content and commerce services actualised over telecom networks.  Cellulant effectively are the architect, network integrator and aggregator of Telcos, banks, merchants, agents and consumers into a mobile commerce ecosystem.

Cellulant works with many leading companies providing services to customers including Toyota, Guiness, Etisalat, Pepsi, Unilever and many more.

For more information on Cellulant’s services please visit: http://www.cellulant.com/


Hosting Solution

Cellulant first approached UK Servers in 2006 with a requirement for a single server with dedicated hardware firewall.  Goke Akinboro CEO of Cellulant Nigeria comments “Our relationship with UK Servers started many years ago when we required same day setup of a UK based server for a project we were working on.  UK Servers got this done for us and we have been working with them ever since!”

Since choosing to host their first server with UK Servers Cellulant as an organisation has experienced massive exponential growth and now hosts over thirty physical machines at UK Servers with a mix of collocated and dedicated server solutions aswell as server management and firewall services.

Multi Site Hosting

As Cellulant has grown their business needs have become more increasingly complex and the hosting requirements of their customers far stricter.

Anthony Parrington, Network Manager at UK Servers comments “Cellulant have been a long term customer of ours, and as their business has expanded across Africa in recent years we have needed to be increasingly flexible in the services we provide with Cellulant’s servers now spanning across our multiple UK sites”

Akin Oyedotun explains: “Our clients include major banking instuitions and transaction gateway providers within Africa and worldwide.  UK Servers have helped us deploy the strict complex multi site hosting environments that are required by these organisations that we work with."


Cellulant is Africa’s number one mobile commerce network providing mobile banking, mobile payments, music, information services and other mobile related services to customers across Africa. 

Bolaji James Bankole Information Security Engineer for Cellulant comments “Our systems deal with thousands of payment transactions every hour and handle extremely sensitive information on behalf of our clients. Having visited the UK Servers site in Maidenhead I have seen their dedicated commitment first hand to both physical and network security.”

The Future

Founded only in 2004, Cellulant has experienced rapid growth in the African telecoms market and currently has operations in Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi, Zambia.  With the recent launch of their Cellulant Wallet ® ATM/cash point card Cellulant has grown to over 400 employees.

Goke Akinboro, Cellulant CEO comments: “As a telecom service provider our products rely on the hosted infrastructure services that UK Servers provides us with.  As a long term customer we have been ultimately very happy with the reliability and security provided by the services we host at UK Servers.”

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