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Who are you?

I'm Ryan Marquis, one of the founders and COO of PixelMags Inc.

About PixelMags

Founded in 2009, PixelMags offers magazines and catalogues both the ability to have a publication delivered as a static PDF or, publishers can add multimedia content in a publication through interactive widget options.

PixelMags is a privately held company founded by Ryan Marquis and Mark Stubbs, with offices in Los Angeles and London.

How did you hear about UK Servers?

Our security analyst Cal Leeming mentioned UK Servers as he was an existing client of theirs and seemed very impressed with the co-location service they were providing him with.

What type of services does PixelMags buy from UK Servers?

We have several dedicated servers hosted with UK Servers, each with four 512GB SSD hard drives and 256GB Memory. After consultation with UK Servers we decided to have all servers run VMWare ESXi.

Did the fact UK Servers own and operate their own datacentre influence your decision in choosing them?

Definitely. Whilst researching UK based dedicated server providers we found most were housed in a third party datacentre. If any issues were to arise with the hardware we wanted to make sure they were dealt with swiftly, and for that we felt a service provider with their own facility would be able to act quicker than one who had to rely on third party technicians.

What’s your impression of the service you’ve received from UK Servers, such as network speed and uptime?

I can’t fault it! The network speed is more than adequate for our needs and we’ve yet to experience any unplanned downtime. UK Servers 100% uptime SLA was a contributing factor when deciding which dedicated server provider PixelMags should partner with.

Have you ever had to phone UK Servers or raise a support ticket? If so, were you satisfied with the response?

We’ve contacted UK Servers a few times for matters such as adding additional IP ranges and have been very satisfied with the quick responses and knowledgeable staff. We were particularly impressed with how well they dealt with an arp bug that we discovered prior to deployment of our services on their platform.  After extensive debugging UK Servers were able to identify a bug within the network operating system operating on their devices, raise it with their hardware provider and have it resolved all within 24 hours.

Do you feel UK Servers have helped PixelMags in any way?

PixelMags is an online service provider, therefore it’s critical our website is available to prospective and existing clients at all times. UK Servers’ solid infrastructure plays a vital part in achieving the high availability our business and clients demand.

Do you have anything to say to other companies in your situation? Would you recommend UK Servers?

I’m very happy to recommend UK Servers to anyone looking for a dedicated server or co-location provider. They use high quality hardware, have a fast and reliable network and friendly helpful staff, you can’t go wrong.

As one of the UK’s leading server and cloud hosting companies UK Servers provides hosting for a wide range of clients from government organisations to small businesses across many varied markets.

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