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Motasoft is a software solutions provider to vehicle garages and testing stations in the UK.  The Motasoft Virtual Garage Manager (VGM) software is an industry-leading platform that helps garages manage all aspects of their business through the use of one effective, straightforward and reliable system.

The first version of the Virtual Garage Manager was created to support the booking requirements of the family’s own garage business and following its success, it was developed and expanded and now provides services to over 1000 vehicle garages in the UK.

The Challenge

This Virtual Garage Manager software requires that customers can access it reliably from wherever they are, at any time.  As a result Motasoft approached us with a requirement that was to deliver Software as a Service (SAAS) through a cloud hosted platform allowing for always on availability by having their hosting across multiple datacentre locations. 

Motasoft needed to ensure that whatever solution they went for it, it must have the highest uptime with suitable resiliency and redundancy.

The Solution

After an initial consultation with the customer UK Servers recommended a private cloud solution using OnAPP software to the customer which would be located across multiple datacentre sites which would be connected with diverse dark fibre. 

onApp Cloud provides a distributed computing platform across multiple interconnected hypervisors with a decentralised storage configuration. 

This storage configuration allows for maximum redundancy and performance, whilst reducing costs for Motasoft as there was no need for dedicated SAN devices.

Multi Site Datacentre Cloud

One of the main requirements we had from Motasoft was to allow near seamless failover between datacentre sites in the event of a major incident.  This has been achieved through the use of cloud hypervisors sitting behind clustered Juniper SRX 10Gb/s firewalls at each site.

Ben Yarwood, Network Engineer at UK Servers comments: “We were ideally positioned to help with this requirement given our expansive dark fibre metro network which is utilised along with virtual redundant router gateways to eliminate any reliance on a single datacentre site or piece of equipment” 

Security & Scalability

The private cloud hosting platform provides Motasoft with a solution that is physically separate from any other platforms and customers with it’s own dedicated firewalls, hypervisors and switching ensuring the customer has full control over their environment.  The solution is located within two of Telehouse Europe’s London datacentres including Telehouse North 2, Europe’s most advanced datacentre.

Alan Burgess, Director at Motasoft comments: “UK Servers provides us with access to the underlying OnAPP management software allowing us to spin up additional virtual machines as we need them as well as allowing us to easily reallocate resources across the cloud to where the demand is needed”

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