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About Global Telemetrics

Global Telemetrics is a UK based company founded by James Mather in 2009. Global Telemetrics is the billing and monitoring platform behind successful Award Winning Stolen Vehicle Tracking brands such as SmarTrack and Autowatch UK.

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The Challenge

Global Telemetrics had previously been hosted with a cloud solution from Rackspace UK but quickly found that the service was placing a number of constraints on the products and services they were able to offer to their customers. Daniel Cook, head of IT at global telemetrics comments: “The cloud solution we had from our previous provider placed a number of limitations on the services we could offer our customers, by opting for secure colocation space in UK Servers Coventry datacentre we now have full control of our servers, how they are connected and configured”
As an approved monitor of Thatcham Quality Assured devices both physical and online security was paramount to Global Telemetrics. By opting for private rackspace in UK Servers datacentre Global Telemetrics have ensured the upmost level of security for their customers and data. Daniel comments: “When looking at other datacentre providers we were shocked to find many of their rackspace colocation offerings were infact just space on a shelf in a shared rack. UK Servers provide our own private rack with its own front and rear lockable doors ensuring nobody can get to our equipment unless authorised”

Improved Service Levels

Since migrating their hosted services to UK Servers Coventry datacentre Global Telemetrics have been surprised by an decrease in latency and improvements in responsiveness in their application.

“Our application had never run slowly but since migrating to UK Servers we noticed an improvement in the load times for our application coming from the UK Servers network and our own hardware within their rackspace, this was a pleasant surprise as it was not something we had expected!”

Monitoring of Global Telemetrics platform was of great importance to them, operators at their 24 hour control centre needed their tracking applications to be running 24/7 and their IT department needed to be alerted to any problems immediately. UK Servers worked with Global Telemetrics to not only keep an eye on their services around the clock but to alert their staff should any problems occur.

The Future

By choosing their own private rackspace service Global Telemetrics have allowed sufficient headroom for expansion.

“Our current rackspace is only at half capacity, thanks to UK Servers flexible pay as you grow billing options we are only paying for the power we need to operate the servers we have. As our business grows and we want to put additional machines online we can do so within the same rackspace eliminating the costly requirement of any cross connects”

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